Folks, Gyro-compass Mark XIV, Mod. 1, 17-1400D, 1944, is a service manual for the most widely built gyro of WW II.This gyro was used on pretty much any ship that did not have automated fire control. In this online version of the manual we have attempted to keep the flavor of the original layout while taking advantage of the Web's universal accessibility.


202) If the gyrocompass error is east, what describes the error and the correction to be made to gyrocompass headings to obtain true headings? The readings are too low (small numerically) and the amount of the error must be added to the compass to obtain true

While proceeding up a channel on a course of 010 degrees per gyro compass, you notice a pair of range lights in alignment with the masts of your vessel when  Gyro compasses are devices installed on ships to detect the true north. True north is Ship's course, speed and latitude may cause errors in the gyrocompass. Gyro Compass Error. Date ______.

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determine errors of the magnetic and gyro-compasses, using terrestrial means, and to allow for such errors. TASK: Determine gyro compass error by bearing of  If your vessel is on course 001° per gyro compass and the charted value of the range of lights is 359° T, what is the gyro compass error? Given: Gyro course  Settle point error < 0.1° secant latitude. • Automatic static north speed error correction – no extra unit required. • Rate-of-turn output. • High speed transmission and  over 100 years of experience in the marine gyro compass industry, Sperry Marine Automatic static north speed error correction - no extra unit required; High  Theoretical and experimental discussion is made for rolling error of gyrocompass caused by the movement of the vertical ring.

Kompass: Gyro Compass; Logg/hastighet: Simrad / B&G; Autopilot: Simrad / B&G; GPS: Simrad / B&G - class A AIS/GPS; Kartplotter: Simrad / B&G - class A AIS/ 

2.1. On the computer stations: I, II   The error in the reading of the gyro compass, expressed in degrees east or west to indicate the direction in which the axis of the compass is offset from the north. Gyroscope is the main error source in independent navigation system besides initial angle error and accelerometer zero error. In this paper, Inertial  Gyrocompass – An electrically-driven gyroscopic disc spinning at extremely high speed which keeps its relative axis in relation to space.

ERRORS OF THE GYRO COMPASS 1) Latitude (or damping) error This error is present in a compass which is damped in tilt. A compass damped in tilt always settles east of the meridian and above the horizon in NH, and vice-versa.

Gyrocompass error

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such as the error of gyrocompass, radar performance, or stability of GNSS. In short, the ship or, at least its bridge, needs to be evaluated as a system. IN ORDER  Raymarine autopilot ST70 with rudder indicator and Rate-Gyro-compass.
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Gyrocompass error

Magnetic Compass Deviation This app will save your time, give you the opportunity to control the ship even safer.

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MANAGEMENT – DECK 62. The purpose of the soft iron spheres mounted on arms on the binnacle is to compensate for _____. 63. The spin axis of a gyroscope tends to remain fixed in space in the

- gyrocompass. fästa, fastställa, montera, laga, bestämma, häfta · fix · utsätta en tid · fix a time · bestämd, fast gyrokompass · gyrocompass · h-järn · h-iron · sedvana, sed, vana  However, the industry is seeking to address these issues through the sensors, typically its global navigation satellite system GNSS receiver and gyrocompass. at the wrong moment : i otid. ate : åt. atheism : ateism. athenian error : misstag, fel, villfarelse gyrocompass : gyrokompass.