Treatment of serous meningitis in children requires special attention and a responsible attitude towards compliance with all medical prescriptions. In childhood, this disease is often accompanied by complications, especially it is dangerous for infants of the first year of life, when the consequences are persistent and can cause mental


serous meningitis An obsolete term for arachnoiditis with increased production of serous fluid.

Fungal meningitis. Your child may get IV antifungal medicine. Tuberculous (TB) meningitis. Your child will be treated with a course of medicines over 1 year. Treatment is done with several medicines for the first few months. This is followed by other medicines for the remaining time.

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Types of meningitis. According to character of an inflammation in covers, and also to changes in cerebrospinal liquid meningitis is subdivided into two look: serous meningitis and purulent meningitis. Aseptic meningitis often has a similar presentation to that of bacterial meningitis (ie, fever, headache, altered mental status, stiff neck, photophobia), which can be a life-threatening illness. However, in contrast to bacterial meningitis, many patients with aseptic meningitis (particularly those who have disease caused by viruses or Otitic meningitis — Otitic meningitis is the most common intracranial complication of chronic otitis and mastoiditis, although meningitis may also occur in association with AOM as well. All forms of otitic meningitis typically present with the classic signs of meningitis, including fever, neck stiffness, photophobia, and mental status changes Aseptic meningitis often can be detected after lumbar puncture. The acute phase of the disease is characterized by neurosensory retinal detachments associated with multiple points of choroidal exudation. It may appear optic disc swelling.


This disease affects patients of all ages. H Certain factors place young adults at increased risk of getting meningitis. Learn about how lifestyle factors and vaccines can help you avoid this condition. Meningococcal meningitis is a potentially serious infection that can result in bra Determining if a patient has meningitis requires a test of the spinal fluid, which a doctor obtains by performing a spinal tap.

1. Pediatriia. 1969 Dec;48(12):42-6. [Treatment with ribonuclease of serous meningitis in children]. [Article in Russian] Sichko ZhV. PMID:

Serous meningitis treatment

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Causes, first signs and symptoms of serous meningitis in children.
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Serous meningitis treatment

Drug Therapies. The length and type of treatment varies depending on the kind of meningitis being treated, ranging from 1 to 3 weeks. The treatment for most cases of viral meningitis is aimed at reducing symptoms of fever and aches. Sometimes, doctors prescribe acyclovir, an antiviral drug.

It can even lead to death. Treatment of meningitis is comprehensive and carried out in a hospital. The main therapeutic principle is a combination of antibiotics with sulfanilamides. Antituberculosis and antisyphilis treatment are used in tubercular and syphilitic meningitis, respectively.
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How is the disease transmitted, treatment, incubation period, consequences for the child and prognosis. Causes, first signs and symptoms of serous meningitis in children. The clinical picture of different forms of pathology.

[Treatment with ribonuclease of serous meningitis in children]. [Article in Russian] Sichko ZhV. PMID: Early treatment for meningitis is critical for having a good outcome. Delayed treatment could result in poor outcomes, such as hearing loss, brain damage, or even death. It should be noted that a stiff neck is not always present with meningitis, and other symptoms could include nausea, heightened sensitivity to light or loud noises, or confusion, among others. Meningitis or ependymitis serosa—meningism—with a note on ‘pseudo-tumours’ of the brain. Quart. J. Med., 1914, 7: 93 – 118.