Director of Photography/Actor. Jon Matteson is a straight, white male, son of an Army Colonel and Southern Belle Poet, reared in Leavenworth, Kansas. In other words, he’s politically untouchable. Kansas was a Free State, and since Brittany is from Missouri, the two of them wage a never-ending blood war. But the love of the Chiefs, fountains, and the world’s best BBQ brings peace between them.


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Jon Matteson. Jon is not only an actor but also a producer and writer. He is popular for his works in Chicago Fire Topher and Black Friday Paul Matthews. Recently, Jon was seen in a horror and comedy musical titled “The Guy Who Didn’t Like Musicals” by Starkid’s. Instagram.

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Jon's coworkers consider that his skills lie in Acting, Theatre and Comedy. Jon Matteson's most recent jobs have been working in Grossman & Jack Talent as a voice talent from 2017. Also, in 2015 he worked as a Technical Expert for Apple until now. Jon's most recent roles include:

But the love of the Chiefs, fountains, and the world’s best BBQ brings peace between them. Read writing from Jon Matteson on Medium. Actor, writer, sometimes poet.

Jonathan "Jon" Matteson has been working as an actor in Chicago since 2011. He met Jeff and Lauren in 2015 during an 80s musical romp called The Power of Prom. On Rim Tim Timmy's Fun Time Hour, he claimed to be "6'1/2" feet tall," though on his personal site he says he’s 6’1”. He moved to Los Angeles in January of 2019.

Jon matteson actor

E. A. Horns. Eclipse. Bendix. Klaxon. Leece.

Actor. Jon adalah seorang aktor, penulis, komedian, produser dan Chicago-transplantasi berbasis di LA. Sebagai anak seorang kolonel tentara, John Matteson is a professor of English at John Jay College in New York City, where he lives. His book, Eden's Outcasts is the winner of the 2008 Pulitzer Prize for Biography. John Matteson was born circa 1834, at birth place, Rhode Island, to Asher Matteson and Deborah Matteson.
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Jon matteson actor

Penuchi Personeriasm actor. 819-223-4621 Cast (In Alphabetical Order): Jaime Lyn Beatty Jeff Blim Corey Dorris Angela Giarratana Lauren Lopez Robert Manion Jon Matteson Curt Mega Joey Richter that denise gets to talk melts my heart, he's such a sweetheart, we don't deserve jon matteson A. Ultrabeam 37:55 Q. who is joeys hearts favourite actor​?

He is originally from Atlanta Georgia but moved up to Nashville in January of 2017 to work with national touring act Ryan Hurd. Jon has been playing drums professionally for over 10 years in and around Atlanta with various artist and music groups. John Matteson did not win the Pulitzer Prize for his first book, Eden's Outcasts: The Story of Louisa May Alcott and her Father, simply because he wrote a good biography.
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Jon Matteson joined Team Starkid in 2018 Jon Matteson made his Starkid debut inThe Guy Who Didn't Like Musicalsas Paul Mathews, the leading character. In Starkid's most recent musical, Black Friday, he played Gary, Linda Monroe's and Sherman Young's lawyer (and probably Tom Houston's as well, seeing how Tom does greet Gary as he's cutting through the line) and the main antagonist, Wiggly, a

Lakshya Matteson. 819-223-3951 819-223-0720.